Analyze the refueling of the entire fleet in 5 minutes


For transportation companies, it’s difficult to comprehend their diesel costs. Manual analysis quickly devours many work hours per month without achieving a meaningful result as the possible causes of an elevated average consumption are too varied. The Dieselinspektor combines vehicle data and refueling bills and automatically highlights problems, such as theft or incorrect billing, independent from outside influences.

With the Dieselinspektor, you can…

  • efficiently analyze the diesel consumption of the entire fleet
  • automatically detect theft from the tank and the gas pump
  • detect incorrect consumption indicators in the vehicles
  • detect wrong refueling bills
  • assess means to reduce fuel consumption based on drivers and vehicles

The Dieselinspektor works…

  • through automatic analysis of refueling bills and vehicle data
  • independently from tour profile and average consumption
  • without additional hardware, but with current telematics systems.
  • with all fuel cards and their data formats
  • also with vehicles with double-sided fuel tanks

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