Reduce diesel costs with automatic refueling stop planning


A good plan of refueling stops in the commercial transportation sector is not easy. Numerous parameters must be considered: current fuel levels and range, the planned route, gas station prices, and of course detours. The Fuel Planner helps you with this complex planning by calculating a cost-optimal refueling recommendation while taking into account the mentioned factors –individual for every vehicle and in real time.

With the Tankplaner, you can…

  • save on diesel costs with the intelligent exploitation of fuel price differences
  • plan cost optimal refueling stops with only a few clicks
  • continue working in your usual work environment thanks to simple possibilities of integration
  • take your individual discount arrangements for the plan into consideration
  • assess your current refueling strategy

The Tankplaner works…

  • by taking all relevant gas stations along the planned route into consideration
  • on the foundation of an innovative optimization algorithm from a research project
  • with an automatic trade-off between savings and detours
  • Europe-wide for short- and long-distance travel
  • with the inclusion of time slots as well as driving and resting times

Diesel Prices in Germany on 1.12.2016
  • 1,03 - 1,09
  • 1,10 - 1,13
  • 1,14 - 1,18
  • 1,18 - 1,35

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