Identify and avoid delays in time


Customers have high requirements on transport companies. An important criterion in this context is the punctual delivery of goods - only those who meet the deadlines can expect subsequent orders. Tightly scheduled orders, traffic and driving time regulations, however, make punctual delivery increasingly difficult. The ETA service automatically monitors arrival times and generates an alarm if there is a potential delay. In addition, the service provides a recommendation for an ideal break planning to avoid delays

With the ETA-Service, you can…

  • automatically monitor the arrival times of your entire fleet
  • detect delays early and inform your customers
  • plan breaks to use driving time optimally
  • use more time for dispatching

The ETA-Service works…

  • in the background and informs only about potential delays
  • by taking driving time, current vehicle position, and delivery time windows into consideration
  • with all common telematics systems
  • web-based through your web browser
  • also as a web service for integration into a third-party system