Measure company performance in real-time


Logistics companies not only move masses of goods, but also enormous amounts of data. In every step of the value chain, data is produced that could add a valuable contribution to business success. Most of the time, this data is spread across systems, and is not ad hoc useable in its raw form. With the help of web-based Dashboards, however, this data can be, in clear form, represented for a desired purpose and thus refined.

With Dashboards, you can…

  • see your company’s key figures that are relevant to its success in one view.
  • detect positive and negative business developments in real time
  • reveal improvement potential of the company’s performance
  • carry out optimization provisions and measure their effect
  • motivate employees

Dashboards visualize data…

  • through meaningful and intuitive diagrams
  • dynamically for selectable time frames
  • in comparison with targets
  • on PCs, smartphones, and tablets thanks to web-based technologiesn
  • from various independent systems